You should create notes on the following:
  • What are the steps involved in creating a good speed - time graph
  • To create a good speed/time graph you need to have a title stating what the graph is showing
  • You need to label the x and y axies
  • You also need to plot your data exactly as you recorded it
  • Also make your numbers flow e.g 2,4,6,8 not 1,3,4,6
  • How would you describe the motion of an object if the line on a speed - time graph is:
    • Straight horizontal- Constant Speed
    • Straight diagonal line going up- Accelerating
    • Straight diagonal line going down- Deccelerating

  • How can you work out the average acceleration of an object by getting data from the graph (Eg. how do you find the change in speed and the change in time in order to calculate speed?)

Velocity is the same thing asSpeed!!