You should include the following:

How are plants used by humans?
Cotton Plant = Clothes
Fruit Trees = Fruits
Housing materials = wood
Medicine = Natural Remedies
Oxygen = Breathing

Include a table that shows the traditional ways that different New Zealand plants are used.
Name of plant
Traditional use of this plant.
Kawa Kawa
Treats kidney, Tooth aches, Headaches and Head Lice (kutu)
Koromiko 'Hebe'
To cure Fever & Diarrhoea
Purukamu 'Blue Gum Eucalyptus'
A Relaxant & for healing Purposes.
Harakeke 'Flax'
To make shelter, Ropes, Mats, eel Traps, Baskets and Kete.The Roots of it can cure Ulcers & Varicose Veins.
Ririma 'Arum Lily'
To cure Boils.
Cabbage Tree
Leaves can be used for curing Diarrhoea. Ropes can be plaited from its fibre.
Leaves can be made into tea for curing Headaches and the Flu and also is made into oiland for treating bacteria and fungal infections. The sap from the manuka tree can be turned into manuka honey which is used for cold's and flu's.
Was used as chewing gum and also was used as a glue.

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