What is the best kind of chocolate?
The best Chocolate for you is a rich or dark Chocolate.
You should try to get it as close to pure Cocoa as you can the Higher the Cocoa content the better it is for you.
This is because Cocoa improves the function of Blood Vessels pumped to the brain which can help to prevent the risk of Heart Disease.

Why is chocolate good for you?
Chocolate has Flavonoids in it which recent studies show have strong antioxidant effects which are called Flavanols (Flavanols can also be found in vegetables). this come from the flavanoid family which resveratrol, which is in green tea and grape juice. when people have these things in chocolate the antioxidant status of their blood increases.Having more antioxidant in our blood helps prevent damage to the blood vessels and heart. It also guards our DNA from risk of cancer and heart decease.

But chocolate is not all good for you. Surprisingly the fat content of chocolate isn't a reason not to eat it, chocolate contains saturated fat but a certain type of saturated fat called stearic acid. This type of saturated fat is very different because it doesn't raise blood cholesterol. But do keep in mind other ingredients added to most chocolate change the nutritional value. Another reason you shouldn't rely on chocolate for antioxidants, rather than vegetables is chocolate contains alot of calories. A small piece of dark chocolate can contain up to about 50 calories, where as normal chocolate bars can contain around 200.
Cadbury Chocolate Block
Cadbury Chocolate Block

What are some different brands of chocolate?
Cadbury, Witikas Chocolate, Nestles, Toblerone, Green & Black's, Lindt,
Ferrero Rocher, Pacalls and heaps more.