Edit a page in a simple way
To edit a page you need to click the edit icon (edit - written next to a pencil) on the top right of the page. Once you click this it will open the page for editing. You can now enter text on to the page and edit what other people have entered.

Add an image
Once again click the edit icon. Once the page has opened, select the "file" icon on the toolbar - it has a picture with it. You can now browse you files and select the image you would like to upload to the page.

Add a video
In another tab (or window) find the youtube video you would like to add. Underneath the video on the youtube website you need to click the button that says "embed". Once you click this you will see a large code open up. Copy this code.
Now once again click the edit icon on the page of the wiki where you wish to add the video. now click the button that says "widget" and select the option of video (from the list on the left hand side). Then select the youtube icon and paste in the code from youtube. Click save and it should appear on the page and ready to move about.

Use the discussion area
At the top of a page you are working on you will see a tab that is called "discussion". If you have a question or a point you would like to make about the content of the page you should click this button and make a post. You use this just like you would use any other forum. It's a great way to ask a question about something you're not sure about so that you can get your classmates or your teacher to help you with the things you're struggling with.