On this page I would like you to create notes that cover the following points:
  • A definition of an element
  • A definition of a compound
  • composed of two or more parts,elements,oringredients: Soap is a compound substance.


  • A step by step method of how you name formulae
    • For example... How do you identify the name for this compound - MgCl2
    • First you find Mg which is magnesium ( Mg2+) And Cl which is Chloride ( Cl-)
    • Second you drop and swap Mg2+ Cl-
    • All you want to do is change the Numbers at the top Mg Cl2 = MgCl2
    • But if it's just one + or - you don't have to.

  • A step by step method of how you write formulae (using the drop and swap method)
    • For example... How do you write the formulae for this compound - Lithium Hydroxide