Homework - Cashing in on you class work!
Homework is an important part of your studies at high school. In fact it continues to be important even at University and other institutions because most students would like to gain their qualifications quickly. A certain amount of study is required and there is not usually enough time to do it all at school. If we did not have homework we would need to stay at school until we turned 19 or 20 to cover the same amount of work in school time.
In most subjects there is no short way of mastering the necessary skills and knowledge so we need to spend time practicing what we learn in class or doing further reading which cannot be fitted into the lesson. Homework is a skill on its own which good students add to their other skills. For example, you need to be disciplined and organised to set aside time for homework. This is a quality valued by employers when they evaluate you and which you will find useful yourself.
It also develops a person’s confidence, not just in the subject being studied, but in working independently in general. You learn about yourself and your own best ways of learning new material or revising material already studied. This is especially important when tests and exams approach. Some people make lists and neat notes, others brainstorm or use charts or pictures. Some people get relatives and friends to help, others work better alone. Some like music, others like peace and quiet.
Find out what works best for YOU. Use homework to master your subjects better and sooner. Don’t think of it as a chore. Think of it as a time saver. In the end it is YOUR time you save and YOUR progress which speeds up and you don’t end up having to repeat subjects or having to give them up after a year of under-achievement.
Not doing your homework often means it is a waste of time doing your class work too. They go together. You need homework to make the most of your class work. Make up your mind not to let yourself down by wasting what you have started in class. Build on it instead and accelerate your learning.