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What does a food chain show?
A food chain shows what eats the producer (plant) gets eaten by the herbivore and then the herbivore gets eaten by the carnivore and so on. It also shows the the energy from the producer being passed through to the next consumer.

What are the different levels of a food chain?
There is the producer (plant), the primary consumers (herbivores), secondary consumers (carnivores), tertiary consumers (carnivores) and so on.

What position do producers occupy in food chains and why does this make them very important?
The Producer plays a very important part in the food chain because when one animal doesn't get any food, then another animal doesn't either causing animals to start starving and dieing. It also starts of the food chain. It has the energy that is passed throughout the food chain. If there is no producer, there is no energy.

The food chain basically shows the cycle of life, starting at the bottom is a producer which the next level of consumers eat, and the level above eats that consumer etc.

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When drawing a food chain diagram the arrows must be pointing up to show where the energy is going to.