You should create notes on the following:
  • What are the steps involved in creating a good distance - time graph
You must include:
- Crosses
- Units
- Labels
- Title
- Scales

Also when making a distance-time graph make sure that everything is even spaced.

  • How would you describe the motion of an object if the line on the graph is:
    • Straight diagonal line going upwards- Constant Speed.
    • Straight and horizontal line- Stationary.
    • Curveing line going upwards becoming steeper- Accelerating.
    • Curving line downwards becoming less steeper- Deccelerating.
    • Straight diagonal line going downwards- Going backwards/returning to start.

  • How can you work out the average speed of an object by getting data from the graph (Eg. how do you find the distance and the time in order to calculate speed?)external image EquationTriangleSpeed.jpgIs this It I don't know ?